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GPG’s technical team has over 40 years of combined experience in designing and implementing leading-edge solutions for the promotion fulfillment industry. The team has used their first-hand knowledge of both successes and failures to design a better, more robust and flexible platform that streamlines and automates the steps involved in the fulfillment process, focusing on quick turnaround and accurate results.

GPG’s system is fully integrated, so that consistent information is provided to consumers, clients and customer care agents regardless of reporting mechanism. Promotions are setup and claims are validated using a rules-based system, which eliminates the need for most custom programming. Our platform can easily be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs, not the other way around.

Quality assurance was not an afterthought at GPG. We used the extensive Six Sigma training and experience of our IT team to build quality controls into the framework of our fulfillment processes and systems – from the ground up. The resulting system automatically flags anomalies as claims flow through the process, and brings them to the attention of QA Auditors skilled in problem resolution.

Our industry experience, investment in technology and system architecture makes common fulfillment headaches – processing delays, inaccurate invoicing, rebate checks in the wrong amount, invalid claim denials – a thing of the past.

Online Rebates

One of the biggest positive changes in rebate processing has been the widespread acceptance of allowing consumers to submit their rebates online. Eliminating the need for consumers to complete paperwork and mail-in UPC codes and receipts has greatly improved the overall customer experience.

Automation of the claims process has also helped reduce many of the costs, inefficiencies and human error involved in the traditional rebate process. By eliminating the mail handling and data entry steps, the entire process is streamlined and your customers will receive their rebate checks faster. Since rebate submissions are matched against sales and returns data, fraud is virtually eliminated.

GPG’s online claim system has been designed to accommodate various methods of POS data exchange in order to validate claims in real-time or in batch. Mail-in claims are also integrated into the validation process, so that the benefits of improved data accuracy and fraud-elimination are retained regardless of submission type.

Online & IVR Consumer Inquiry

Consumers with Internet access can use our web-based online lookup tool,, to access the real-time status of their rebate claim, anytime. Rapid Rebates can quickly be branded to match your company’s site for an integrated presentation, with no custom programming or fees. The site also provides FAQs to help answer the most commonly asked questions about the claim process, which can be easily customized for your programs. If a consumer’s inquiry is not satisfied by using these self-service methods, the Contact Us link can be used to send an Email to our customer care center.

The GPG team has designed an easy-to-use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that can provide your customers with real-time status of their rebate claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our IVR can be customized with your company name and integrated with your existing voice systems so that customers are presented with a seamless customer care experience. Callers may choose to speak with an agent if the automated system does not satisfy their inquiry.

Our IVR system helps reduce the overall cost of your promotional campaigns by automating over 60% of consumer phone inquiries. Your customers will also appreciate the improved service levels by being able to determine the status of their claim anytime, day or night.

A single data warehouse is used to drive our IVR, and customer care systems, ensuring that consistent information is provided regardless of contact mechanism. With GPG as your fulfillment partner, your customers will never feel like they got the runaround while trying to determine the status of their rebate claim!

CASS, Duplicates & Fraud

GPG uses CASS-certified software to perform address standardization and verification, with both batch and real-time options. This gives us the advantage of quickly capturing the most accurate addresses possible, which helps ensure that our duplicate elimination logic and fraud identification algorithms function as efficiently and reliably as possible.

GPG’s systems have been designed to be able to use any combination of captured or derived data elements to identify duplicate claims with no custom programming. We’ve also implemented a table-driven fraud identification module that allows us to continually improve the effectiveness of the algorithms used to identify fraudulent claims, trends and patterns. In addition, we interface with crime prevention agencies to identify addresses and individuals known to participate in fraudulent activities. It’s important to us that you pay for only legitimate claims.

Customer Support

GPG’s online, interactive customer service system was designed to assist our care agents in achieving first contact resolution whenever possible. We understand that nothing erodes the customer experience more than having to make repeated inquires in order to resolve their rebate claim issues and/or questions. A single converged platform is used by Phone, Email, Fax and Mail agents, so that your consumers always receive consistent, high-levels of service regardless of contact channel.

In addition to basic customer service functionality, the system also includes:

  • Access to scanning images of mail-in claims, including the envelope, rebate form and all provided proofs. This makes verifying the completeness of a consumer claim quick and easy and helps with first contact resolution by eliminating the need to pull mail from storage.
  • Agent scripting, customized for your account.
  • Ability to view and respond to emails & faxes.
  • Ability to view a customer’s claim history at a glance, including all data entered elements and contact history.


GPG provides sophisticated Web-based reporting and analysis tools that measure the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns, empowering you with the data necessary to make fact-based, strategic marketing decisions. Our reporting platform is interactive, easy-to-use and delivers high-value promotion reporting designed to give you a competitive edge in improving customer satisfaction and retention.

With our tools, you can securely access the following reports and features anytime, anywhere:

  • Dashboard Reports, Invoices, Redemption Reports, real-time mail volume.
  • Promotion Summary Reports, providing a snapshot of all active promotions at a glance.
  • Drill-down reports that show the details and documents behind the numbers.
  • Access to detailed consumer claim data, including all data entered elements, real-time status, and customer contact history.
  • Ability to download detailed consumer data for a single customer, an invoice, a promotion or multiple promotions at once.
  • Operational Performance Reporting.
  • A rich-internet, Web 2.0 experience.
  • Customized reporting – fast. Programming resources are available to create customized reporting packages to meet your specific needs.

Contact GPG today for a demonstration of our interactive reporting platform.