Loyalty Programs

Developing a loyalty program from scratch is a daunting exercise. Let GPG help you to create a best-in-class consumer loyalty program that meets the needs of your company, keeps up with the changing marketplace, satisfies your consumers, and stays ahead of the competition.



We use a phased approach for loyalty program development that entails project management, discovery, consultation – internal and external stakeholders, and analysis of key areas that impact your market and sales and collaboration with your promotions partners. Whatever the type of reward program that you are looking to create, GPG will be there to help you successfully perform this task.


What’s the old saying? Garbage in, garbage out, right? A strong and robust database is key to the success of any loyalty program. Whether you have 10,000 or 1 million names, we can help organize your data. Gathering and managing the data in one place is a challenge – and one that we’re happy to help with.


Your consumers want to receive messages from you that are relevant to them. Customization and targeting by segment is where it’s at – the generic email that goes out to 1 million people just doesn’t cut it in today’s world. With GPG’s proprietary software, you can reach out to your consumers with customized messages; and combined with our database management services, we can utilize data such as behavior and demographics to create or improve your marketing and advertising strategies.


Create additional sales or strengthen your relationship with vendors/retail partners with co-op messages


Reinforce your brand while your consumers pre-register online

Multiple opportunities to offer targeted cross sell, up-sell and relevant service promotions

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